Saturday, February 21, 2009

Afghan Gooey

I have to admit, a lot of my pictures from my posts look like they are always at the same place. For example, we ended up at Guppies again aka "The Home of YO!set". We called it that because well, they're always taking our money. There's always a fun twist to when we go out and be spontaenous. Here's a little taste of what a day with us would be like.

Deezy found a big ass rock infront of someone's house and dished it in the middle of the street. Funniest thing ever to watch 2 cars jump in the air from running over the car.

Sam makes the best Lloyd face from the video Girls All Around the World.

Twistin up my blunt thinkin bout my next dolla.

Like I said, thinkin about my next dolla.

Caught this guy at Del Taco, while waiting for my parents. The dude was OG, straight up cartoons out of a portable remote looking TV.

He managed to carry around his house on a bicycle.

For The WIN


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