Saturday, February 7, 2009

Take Note.

If you are a real homie of mine then you should already know my strong affection for onions. I'm not trying to saying I'm in love with onions and it revolves around my life, but when it comes to food onions are a big deal. Onions have got to be my favorite vegetable hands down. Every order I get I always have to have extra onions on my order. If you came with me to Subway to get my Tuna Foot Long you'd hear me ask for extra onions and say "more" about 5 times, literally. I eat 2 In N Out Double Doubles with extra onions and that always hits the spot, but the scent stays in my body the whole day even when I brush my teeth sometimes. The whole concept that an onion can do to food is magic. It brings the food to life with its spicy, tenderness, & great odor..okay maybe not that. If a girl cannot hang with my onion fetish, she cannot hang with Pony, period. There's a hamburger patty buried somewhere beneath them.


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