Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Happppppy Birthday Girfriend =) I hope you liked my present i got you,last friday together,visit bfore school, and day together yesterday.I hung out wid her alot before her birthday, but didn't see her on her actual bday bummmer haha all good tho.I saved up along time to get her present and was def worth it and to treat her out to dinner.I woke up at 6 and left at 7 to go visit her before school started on Monday haha, and we kicked it yesterday at the streetteam meeting and after, it was all fuuun haha.So like she wanted to take me wid her,C.Nation,Amy,her sister and Joe shmo how to eat right, and i guess she was waitign for them to come home, but i thought she wasn't gna take me cos she wasn't responding for awhile.turns out I fell asleep like a DUMBASS and she IM'd me 10mins later tryna wake me up thru txt,IM,and calling but i didn't pick up.I was suuuppper sad man, still am that i couldn't see her on her birthday, but i know she had fun widout me hhaha just wish i was there anyways haha soweeeee.Its alrite tho, shes knows i woulda loved to be there to celebrate wid em, HAPPPY BIRTHDAY tho Yaaaan, Love yah =)

yeaaah looked like alotta fun too haha


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HAHAHA!! whyd you put up our charlies angels picture! lmao