Saturday, September 27, 2008


Rotation for this week.Og Shadow 10s,Blooded Vans,Purple Prisons,White 5s,Tuks

After school my dad picked me up and went to go eat @ Pho.On our way home, we picked up Yaaan Yan to go to my house.We kicked it for a bit shared some laughs then I got ready and we went out to go eat at TGIF since we've always talked about eating there on an actual FRIDAY haha.Turns out the food was as good as she explained.My girlfriend and I recommend the Fried Mac and Cheese! After we went to Ulta to buy some products, i like going shopping wid her for her body/health supplies its fun no homo haha.She's got me more into maintaining myself and having a healthier/cleaner lifestyle, thanks Yan! haha.

she gets concentrated in these kind of stores, book stores as well.

My girlfweeeend's birthday present, a Tens hoody.Her brithday is in 3 more days, but i wanted to give it her today.I broke it out while saying,"Its going to be cold toniiiOte and you don't have a jacket!" her:"I know someone should give me one to wear ;]]" me:"I know huh then pulled it out from under and said Happy Brithday!" + a kissss haha.I'm glad she liiiOked it.Love youu Yaaan Yan!


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