Sunday, September 21, 2008

Plans for the future.

Its always good to set goals for yourself, to dream big about what you want in life, and to strive to achieve doing your very best.Everyday I dream about making my own clothing label and make a living off of it.In reality, its hard coming up as your own clothing label esp if you're independent about it.I admire The Hundreds and how sucessful they are and how dope their shit always is.I'm only 15, so I plan is to start designing my own clothes and hopefully get my own line of clothes and a name for the brand.I'm not really thinking too much about making cheese off of it right now, but knowing that I made this piece, nothing can buy that joy.I want to be sucessful and have my own line while I'm still in highschool and don't have to worry about paying all these bills my parents do for the house.If my own brand doesn't go thru and I'm not that serious about after highschool, my plans after highschool are to take the Postal Carrier Exam since it takes a while to process and go to school for nursing bcos that will always work out wid making good money haha.My hobbies are playing basketball,fashion and riding my bike.I love playing basketball, but in reality I only see it as something I do for fun and never really took much consideration in it for becoming pros bcos my mind set was always on clothes and fashion.Plus I wasn't that dedicated to basketball as I wish I was bcos I didn't go to the park to play alot.I really started getting into the sport in 8th grade, but don't get me wrong just cos I don't dream of being in NBA doesn't mean I don't care about it cos I still do and try abd get better everytime I play.I just stick wid my passion and what I'm best at, and I find myself and streetwear somewhere together one day.My bestfriends Lian and Samuel are the ones that got me into playing basketball and taught me a few things here and there, so they'll probably be trying to go somewhere wid basketball one day, anthony as well.Speaking of basketball, I didn't make the team this year, prolly bcos of my grades and chose someone else wid more decent grades, but I still want to play in leagues and for fun no matter what still love playing.I don't really know what Derek and Jason want to do, haven't really discussed it wid em.Me, I wna be the next Hundreds, but bigger haha.

I look at Adam everyday and visit his blog and it inspires me that my dream can come true one day.It gives me hope that will be just as big as one day haha.

He is the best rapper alive, he reminds me everyday not to give a fcuk about what you think and just to do ME.

Micheal Jordan was a pure prodigy with pure talent, I admire how he is the best.

Your the beast, your the man."He was the greatest athlete that I've ever coached because he never practiced and when he played, he played the last few minutes like he just got in." -Phil Jackson

My parents are the ones that impacted my life the most.
Dad:Thanks leading me thru everything in life and taught me that hard work does pay off.Everytime I look at you, I wna be just like you bcos you've inspired me in so many ways to bcome sucessful in life and I can live the life I want to live if I do good in school just like you.You're the reason why I am so ambitious about myself because I wnat to succeed just like you did.
Mom:Thanks for always pushing me and giving me a harder time than dad did.I knwo you mean't well everytime and even tho we argue about little things, just know that I listen.You taught me that I can't always use money sometimes I gotta follow my heart and for whats best for me.Ever since the first you walked me into my first day of kindergarden til now, you always said on word to me before I left the door, "behave".You're the reason why I have alot of guilt in doing bad things haha and always want to make the right decision and probably check it twice in any situation.

We don't talk as much as we used to when we were little, but I look up to you.You've been thru so many hard times growing up and I realized my childhood was east, sorry I was a brat.You're always here for me and I'll always be here for you no matter what.
Thanks for pushing me just like my parents did since I'm the smallest one in the group.I'm still the smallest at height, but you guys made me a bigger man that I was before and gave me more confidence in myself so that I wasn't so shy anymore and didn't settle for 3rd place all the time haha.Esp Lian, Watching him play he was amitious and tried getting what he wanted no matter what and that taught me not to ever give up on myself no matter who or what the fuck I encounter.


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