Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sundays with the rents

Woke up @ 8 o'clock to a bloody nose after I blew my nose.Stayed in bed for a good 15 minutes trying to recover.At 9 o'clock I went to church early for like the first time since I was 10 haha and the mass went by fast today.I guess because today we sat in seats not standing up in the back, gets tiring stand there for an hour or so haha.

Went to Imperial Manderian Chinese Resturaunt after Church to eat.

Went to South Coast Plaza with my parents to chill and shop around.Pretty dope model made out of food cans inspired from Wally.I felt like karate kicking or jump kicking through those cans and ill be in the middle and barried inthose cans haha.It was assembled very well, looks just like the movie haha.



Tuks today.

After the mall, woke up in the parking lot of Pinoy Pinay and had some Halo Halo, and a combo meal haha.By 6 o'clock had 3% left of battery on Sidekick, fuck my battery fuck it real hard.


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