Saturday, September 20, 2008

Double Date

Yesterday, My girlfriend and I double dated wid Lian and Kaycee @ LBTC.It was fun, my girlfriend and Kaycee finally met eachother.The 2 girls I talk to the most haha.It was Lian's idea to double and it worked out well, they got along and no weird awkward moments haha.We watched Lake View, fxcking tight movie.FUCK SAMUEL L. JACKSON after that movie, he was the biggest asshole/monster any neighbor could live next to, but I'm not gonna say too much about the movie.We do recommend that movie to be watched next time you guys go to the movies tho, you won't regret it! haha it was a fun nyte, we'll prolly be doubling with that fabulous couple more often too.Love you guys =)


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