Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Athens Paper


After school went to Eeka's pad wid these 3 putas to get my bike.

Before I left, we decided to check out the gym for the first time.I stayed a bit, they started working out and getting all sweaty and were starting to sweat, so i left aha.Taius and I walked around the Sherwoods for a bit and ran into these 3 putas.Right when we met up to get my bike we were talking about that gym bcos nobody ever goes there haha.

My Athens paper that I barely started and finished today haha.I was asking Sam to help me think of what to write, but his ass got too cocky sayign I need his help and hes gna win the competition for best grades..SMH.I ended up doing just doing it during class, we'll see who gets the better grade.Of course mine tho! haha

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