Monday, December 15, 2008


Its 12 A.M and I told my parents I was going to sleep after they ate too like 4 hours ago. My dad was trying to take all the pieces of steak with fat on it before I got to the table like when I came home and my steak had the fat cut off around it, not today tho. Good night mom & dad.

This is what I'm doing up, putting songs onto my ipod just so I don't have to listen to the same songs as I ride my bike to school and beat Defonsa in 1st period in who has better songs.Wu Tang Clan,Weezy,Notorious? I'm shittin on him.

Nastiest tea ever. What was I thinking trying to be spontaneous by adding the raspberry and not notice it was DIET.Stick to CITRUS.

On Youtube before I went to sleep watching some favorite videos. I miss freshman year and playing basketball at Two-Bit's everyday. We always wanted to finish the "YO!set Fundamentals of Basketball", but never got to it. Best times. Speaking of basketball, Two-Bit got moved up from JV to Varsity recently good job.
Here's the link if you care to watch it:

GoodNyte faggots.

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