Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ponyboy's "08: BEST & WORST"

The Hundreds killed it this year. Sidekick LX. Rosewood Royale. Lil wayne. YO! SET. was the best blogspot. Grew a tail, and became a trend this year. ODB sweater. Arianne Balboa. Lakers v.s Celtics. The Cool Kids. Colored jeans got played out. Barack Obama. Dark Knight. Kanye West's new style of singing. Nike Blazers. Dom Kennedy. Beat the "Brothas" in basketball. Gas prices. Manny Pacquaio. Twilight hype. Copying. Riding my bike every morning in the summer to see my girlfriend. Economy went down. Alife Mids. Black shirts. OJ did it. Kaycee & Lian. Samuel bumped up to Varsity. Yogurtland in Cerritos Mall. Relationships. Rosewood Street Team meetings. Jerking is the new movement. Shit talking/beef. 2008 President Election. Wildfires. Nike Hyperdunks. Jordans sucked. Sbs sucked. Most shoes I usually would buy sucked. Photography. Micheal Phelps. Labels Closing down. Too much frontin.

2008 was a good year, but could have been better. Its alright, tomorrow will be a fresh start. I grew up more this year than last. It was nice knowing you 08, stay humble and true.


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