Monday, April 13, 2009


Deezy and I met up after our Easter plans were over. Chopped it up for a little in the riverbed and went to visit um..what was her name? Naroshima? No that's no boo? Yeah that's it, Naomi. We rid down two steep hills to find out she was a no show at her old house.

The Original Ponyboy.

The plan was to attend a kickback, but Sodapop quotes, "It's whack, no girls. Pick me up." As we follow as he says, turns out he's already turnt. We managed to take care of the animal, because well that's what friends do. Oh yeah thanks Eeka too for talking to him on the phone. We had to tame the animal, for a while where we threw up here.

By means of taking care of a monster, well ya'll get the picture.

Sodapop talking gibberish..nuff said.


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