Thursday, April 30, 2009

Your a Jerk.

Are you serious? New Boyz playing on our local radio stations now? I could of swore last weekend 102.7 said, "Number one song today, New Boyz-Your a Jerk". I'm not gonna lie, I like jerkin and listening to it at times. For it to be playing on the radio though? I mean Hyphy actually has good beats, and music. I can't take jerk songs seriously or picture myself saying one of them are my favorite artist if it came up in a conversation. I always thought of it as just something for fun to dance to or play at a party, but I guess these cats think they're actually making music. I give it to the them though, for getting that known and getting played on the radio. Girl jeans and shoe laces tied at the waist is the new trend...


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