Saturday, May 2, 2009

When Things Were Pure.

I can't recall the last time I've actually waited for a pair of shoes to drop. I remember when Saturday mornings felt like birthdays, every time a new pair of Jordans or Nikes released in the A.M. Lately, I've been hearing a lot of fuss about these Air Yeezys. It's been a minute since a shoe release drop date has actually caught my attention. I have to admit I wouldn't mind buying pair a pair of these shoes(at retail price). They aren't the best looking shoe out there, but I suppose the principle of just owning a pair is even better. I prefer the pink ones that dropped today over this colorway. The colorway is the same as ordinary pair of trainers I've seen release at a Finishline.
For the people that were in the sneaker game a couple years back, do you remember posting pictures of you and your new shoes for the internet? I miss that vibe I'd get, but I pretty sure everyone feels great after they get a new pair of shoes.
I miss the feeling when sneakers were like my girlfriends. I used to clean them every time there was a small speck on the sole and I wanted to show them to the whole world when I wore them. I still buy shoes here and there, but I pass on a lot if I already have the same color way. I used to buy the same colorway of different types of shoes, but I mean after a while what's the point of having 3 pairs of shoes that almost all look the same? I think that's why I stopped buying shoes every week. The only color that I would always choose no matter how many shirts, jackets, pants, or shoes I have is black.


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