Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Pictures Folder

My computers are always filled with memories, good times, or just random pictures. I like saving pictures and taking pictures to look back on and remember the times. My Pictures Folder on my computers are the main reason why they slow down and I have to delete a bunch.
This was a picture taken by Allyn Friday at Ghar Highschool's fashion show. She turned around randomly and quick as fuck and took a picture.

Here's a picture when we didn't hang out with Lian for a while and treated him like a king by carrying him around.
Just chillin with homies. Aint nothin you new about it.
Here's a picture of my ex and I at Rosewood Royale One Year Ann BBQ. I remember winning the raffle and got a size L Kid Robot t-shirt. I wish she would return my shirt and sweater though dammit.

Do you prefer the back?

Personally, I prefer the front. I heard a lot of people saying they prefer the back though.


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