Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Good Music.

Dom Kennedy brings that good LA vibe to his music. He contributes to the street wear culture also since he grew up with it and is sponsored by The Hundreds I believe. He brings LA more alive from his music. I like how he represents Los Angeles well in his music and keeps it real as can be. Off the back as soon as you hear a few seconds of a song of his it's usually pretty catchy. My current favorite track I have on repeat by him is "Whole City on it" or "Hard Work". Check him out.

Drizzy Drake Rogers aka the guy from Degrassi. I don't care what Damon says, he could act and rap. Even though he takes after Lil Wayne in my opinion, he's still fire. Well, because Lil Wayne will always be fire. Having Lil Wayne on most of his tracks is pretty cool. He bring hit after hit after hit. Most of his songs that he releases are all hits like Wayne. He's talented too, not many cats sing, act, and rap nowadays. My current favorite track is "Every Girl". Drake standing next to a MVP not going to finals.

My good friend Kris Mars is the future. His music just brings a good vibe and puts me in the same sort of mind state when I listen to Kid Cudi or Big Sean. His lyrics and just the way he delivers is just crack, only 16 as well so he's still young. Telling ya'll this cat is going to get signed soon look out for him. Recently performed last Sunday at Rosewood Royale for our art show. My current favorite track from him is "Ask About Me" or his "Gotta Go. Check him out on myspace or youtube him to see the performance at Rosewood.


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