Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Back To School.

SMH. Definitely not excited for school tomorrow. I don't know if we'll be able to go bowl anymore on our 2$ a game days anymore since schools starts tomorrow. By the way, you ever realize it's more packed on Tuesdays just because it sounds better than 2 Dollar Mondays?

This cat bowling next to us didn't come to just bowl, but to bowl perfect games. I've never seen anyone get so many strikes in a game. Beware of him. His name on the screen displayed "Lil Man" haha.

On our way home we all decided to try the Big Carl. Sound familiar to something from McDonalds huh? Funny thing was when we asked the drive thru if it's better than a Big Mac and she replied No. Haha. told us how she was tired of the food here smh. I don't blame her though, it was late like 12:50 a.m. We all went to Rosewood to sit infront, eat, and just chill for a cool minute. By the way, the big Carl isn't worth it.


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