Tuesday, November 11, 2008


This afternoon i got 10 fillings for 10 cavities :( Stopped by Proper and the other stores, where I picked up something for my girlfriend.On my way home, I got dropped off at the Loft where my girlfriend and I ate dinner.I got served free food and we were served like royality because my cousin is the manager haha.We had a nice long conversation, Arianne finally met my only girl cousin from my dad's side Candice.Good Look'n cousin, I was lowkey broke too so I don't think I woulda been able to take her out someone were exspensive haha.

She made me cupcakes :) They look like pacman characters or Adam Bombs kissing haha.I fucking love it.Its creative/sweet, thanks Yan!

My gift I picked up for her, a Medicom Be@rbrick Toy.


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