Sunday, November 2, 2008


-Mohawks are played out.
-Everyones growing a tail nowadays and makes me sick.
-I have to re-color my tail a different color now because I've seen like 3 or more people with blonde.Like do they think its okay to make it just like someone elses? I know its not illegal, but DIE ALREADY!
-Supreme is over priced.
-Stussy,Obey,Colored Skinnies are dead.
-Those Pinic cloths people wear around their necks are gay.
-The Jonas Brothers are overrated.
-I love spending quality time and taking my girlfriend out on nice,chill dates.
-YO!set ARE my brothers.
-I should of went to all of the basketball tryouts.I regret it everyday, I could of made it.
-I love photography and want a Nikon.
-Spending money is my biggest weakness.
-My Sidekicks main use is so I can talk to my girlfriend on aim/txt wherever i go just in case she at home.
-I will never smoke.fuck your stoggies and purple kush.
-I am in love with fashion, and creating your own brand is NOT easy.
-Lil Wayne is overrated, but he has a reason to.Hes a beast!


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