Friday, August 21, 2009

Save The Needy.

It was 7 A.M and all I could hear is my mom screaming and neighbors talking. At first It thought it was a broken pipe or something and they were calling the plumber. Finally, after 10 minutes of listening to them talk I got up out of bed and it turns out there was a Pitbull chillin next to my dad as he cleaned his car haha. Of course, my dad is a mailman doesn't like dogs. Plus he's had a past with my cousin's Chihuahua. My dad and I went out to go get some breakfast and when we came back it turns out my neighbor caught the dog. They said she was nice, he just went up to the dog and put a leash around it's neck and called the pound.

She looked like she wasn't fed for a while and was prolly lurking around for food. You can prolly tell the lack of muscle pitbulls usually have. Unfortunately, if the dog isn't claimed the pound usually puts the animal to sleep. Save the needy.


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